tlptexliveはTeX Liveの補助リポジトリで、内容は下記とおりである。

  • metapostの日本語化した(u)pmpost (2014まで、2015年からTLに入った
  • xdviの日本語化したpxdvi
  • 過渡的なパッチ(現在ない!)



  • win32(角藤)
  • i386-netbsd(北川)
  • i386-freebsd(村上):FreeBSD 10.0
  • amd64-freebsd(村上):FreeBSD 11.0
  • x86_64-darwin(山本):Darwin 13.1.0
  • universal-darwin(山本):Darwin 13.1.0
  • i386-linux(北川)
  • amd64-linux(Norbert):Debian SID



tlmgr repository add tlptexlive
tlmgr pinning add tlptexlive '*'
tlmgr install pxdvi hiraprop


texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf -> ../../texmf-dist/web2c/texmf.cnf

注意:これから前のTeX Liveリリースの対応しているtlptexliveのURLが変わった:

  • TeX Live 2011:
  • TeX Live 2012:
  • TeX Live 2013:
  • TeX Live 2014:
  • TeX Live 2015:





  • build script: build-tlptexlive:
  • binary repository: tlptexlive-root:



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    • Hmm, it has been a long time that we tried to build pxdvi. The current xdvi sources have digressed completely, and the patches do not work anymore. There was some activity to get them back into shape, but I think they got lost on gitorious some time ago.

      I will update the repository for 2015, remove pmpost etc, and include the old old pxdvi package. I cannot guarantee that it still runs, though.

    • One more thing: I have now moved 2014 to tlptexlive/2014 and updated to 2015. the current version contains also pxdvi, so you should be able to install it from the current tlptexlive.

  1. Many thanks for your quick response. Yes, tlmgr complains that the repository is not consistent with TeXLive2015.

    Yet, I understand that currently use of xdvi and pxdvi is discouraged, and use of dvipdfmx is recommended instead.

  2. Yes, I have confirmed that pxdvi works fine with my TeXLive2015 environment.

    It is convenient because you can debug your TeX source and see the typeset result realtime with pxdvi.

  3. Is it possible to update the repository so that one can keep using pxdvi with TeX Live 2016? I am not sure this old program still runs on the new platform, though.

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